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Dr Stephie Althouse Dr Stephie Althouse Author

Dr. Stephie is the Founder and CEO of The Brilliance Mine, a Texas-based company with a global focus on facilitating effective knowledge management and transfer for business owners. She teaches the Brilliance Mining™ framework, guiding you in implementing this revolutionary method to unearth the unconscious knowledge trapped in your brain and that of your team members. Effective knowledge transfer is transformative, enabling business scaling and work-life balance enhancement. It expands your options for the evolution of your business, whether passing it on to family, selling it to employees or a third party, or pursuing franchising. Dr. Stephie holds a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and has a distinguished background in research and development. She has collaborated with esteemed organizations like DARPA, NSF, and DOD, making significant contributions to innovative technologies, including current landmine detection systems. With a proven track record since 2005, Dr. Stephie has turned around high-expertise businesses and provided successful coaching to numerous business owners and executives. She is the author of several business books, including "101 Quick Tips for High-Talent Companies," "101 Quick Tips for ESOP Leaders," and "365 Brilliance Nuggets." Dr. Stephie's approach blends professionalism with approachability, creating a supportive environment for clients to thrive. Partnering with her unlocks your true potential, establishes a lasting legacy, and drives remarkable success in your business endeavors. Beyond her professional pursuits, Stephie leads a fulfilling personal life in Flower Mound, TX, with her husband, Adam, and their son Dylan. Her insatiable curiosity fuels her constant pursuit of knowledge and new experiences. She finds joy in outdoor activities and holds a passion for martial arts.

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